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Support 800-394-1233

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  • No hardware, no software and nothing to install - up and running 24/7 in 1-2 minutes
  • No Activation fee
  • No long term contract
  • 1,000 Free minutes every month (only .09 cpm after in 6 second billing increments), and
  • Your own success coach that can script and record your listings, set up your extensions, direct connects and notifications and get you ready to generate more leads usually within 1 business day!

All 800 Number Companies are NOT the same! Discover why over 10,000 Real Estate, Mortgage, MLM & other Professionals chose SmartGuy800!

  • EXPERIENCE - We pioneered this technology to real estate and mortgage professionals over 20 years ago
  • TECHNOLOGY - We have a DUAL system integrated with both 800 and SMS/text messaging technologies
  • SUITE OF SERVICES  - You can advertise an 800 number offering free 24 hour recorded information on your products/services or over 100 professional recorded consumer tips with multiple extensions, direct connects, notifications, voicemail, fax-back and more.
  • CONCIERGE-LEVEL SUPPORT INCLUDED!  Many of our support team have been with us for OVER 20 years. We love our customers and love helping them succeed! If your a new customer, we will even create, script and record your messages and then set your direct connects and notifications right away to help you get results FAST! Of course, you can also do it yourself 24/7 if you prefer.
  • SMS/TEXT IN LEAD GENERATION - You can select a keyword to 48421 and also generate leads with full data 24/7!
  • INSTANT PHONE CAPTURE - You can get notified live and real time via SMS to cell and/or email with the time, date, marketing source, topic of interest, and phone number of the caller (even if they hang up, have an unlisted number or have a Caller-ID blocked number)
  • AUTOMATIC BUYER SMS - Callers can automatically get an SMS message after calling with your message, click to call you option and link to a video or a website right from their cell phone!
  • AUTOMATIC AD TRACKER - determine the exact cost-effectiveness of every advertising campaign - even if they call and hang up without saying a word!
  • YOUR OWN 800 NUMBER - You can select your own custom toll-free number instantly 24/7
  • NAME/ADDRESS LOOK UP - Available instantly on caller report at no extra charge (when available)
  • 100 EXTENSIONS - Each 800 number can include up to 100 extensions (custom solutions available if more needed)
  • OK TO PORT IN NUMBERS - Have an existing 800 number you want to use? No problem. We can port it into our system and it will now have AL the power of our system!
  • FULLY DYNAMIC EXTENSIONS - Each extension can direct connect to and notify different and multiple people
  • DYNAMIC CALLER OPTIONS - Callers can select to directly connect to you (or anyone you want), leave you a message or access faxed information. You can customize these options for each listing
  • INSTANT NOTIFICATION VIA SMS - You can be notified instantly with the caller and product/service info called instantly via SMS and/or email
  • DO NOT DISTURB FEATURE - Select when to not be disturbed
  • 100 PRE-RECORDED TIPS - We have over 100 professionally recorded consumer-related tips ready to use primarily for the real estate/mortgage industry
  • CALL BLOCKING/ALLOW - you can select to block numbers or areas from calling into your system!
  • READY-TO-GO SIGN RIDERS - We have sign rider formats done for real estate/mortgage professionals, and you can have them shipped within 5 business days!
  • 8 REAL-TIME CALLER REPORTS - You can access 8 real time caller reports, tracking the time, date, marketing source, property called, topic of interest area code, result of caller and more
  • OPENING/CLOSING STATEMENTS - You can add a custom opening and/or closing statement to all of your listings at the touch of a button
  • INTEGRATED CONTACT MANAGEMENT - Your leads can instantly go into our contact management system and/or send this information LIVE and Real-time into others (i.e. Top Producer or Wise Agent)
  • PROVEN MARKETING TEMPLATES - We have templates ready to use, including proven flyers, mailers, door hangers, magazine ads, etc.
  • EASY-TO-USE BACK OFFICE - Complete easy-to-use back office with 1 click changes to caller options, notifications, extensions, etc
  • EXPERIENCED SUPPORT STAFF - Staff happy to serve you, whether to set up a listing, orshow you how to convert FSBO's or Expireds
  • LIVE WEBINARS - Tons of live webinars featuring many of the top agents in the country​​